Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Final Nail

I haven't been writing for god knows when, but I was busy with my personal stuff, and not much was going on. After 2 years most things would be deja vus and one has to focus more and concentrate in order to come up with stuff that goes along the theme of the blog.

But this is the final nail in this blog's coffin.

In two days I am here no more, and will be back to USA. I don't think I will be doing a Bassam in USA blog, life is going to be so busy there.

I hope that after five or six years, I would visit my blog again and have a good laugh at what happened then. And at the same time, see what things have become, what changes have been made, whether it was in the city of Damascus, the government, myself, or anything that I ever noticed. And if anything was going in the direction I wished for, I will give myself a credit... at least for whining about it.

I will not be responding to comments on previous entries. But any from those who ever frequented this site will be welcomed.