Thursday, June 29, 2006


It stands for the Syrian American Medical Society. This is one of the nice examples of caring and love for the country from Syrian physicians abroad. In the past seven years, each May a conference is held for 4-5 days in which lectures, symposiums, group meetings and free medical and surgical care is offered to both Syrian physicians and patients in Syria.
The conference ends today and due to my busy schedule and other things I was able to attend a couple of days that were of interest to me.
It is amazing to see how many Syrians hold high positions in the USA in all specialties and subspecialties. This doesn't mean that every one is a good presenter, or that the content is up to expectations (of course content quality is viewed differently by different levels of listeners).
The one thing that I hated most about the whole thing – there has to be always something to criticize – is that us physicians, or at least me, have no real methods of knowing about such events except through word of mouth. The syndicate does not publicize such meetings or lectures to its members. At least they should have an email group list of all members and notify through that.
The good thing is that I got to meet few interesting persons who can be of help and collaboration in the future.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Lebanese Politics / Bold and the Beautiful

I have no clue where did this idea came to my mind. But here is the question:
How is Lebanese politics similar to the soap opera "Bold and the Beautiful"??

1- They both seem to never end
2- If you miss on it for a couple of months, you can still follow as nothing is missed
3- Everybody has screwed everybody else at some point of time
4- Characters shift loyalty and passion like changing underwear
5- Just when you think you figured it out, actually you didn't. The truth is somewhere and it keeps changing
6- When a character disappears for a long period of time, it suddenly come to existence once again

Guess Who Is Back

Back again
Beesso's back
Tell a friend
Guess who's back
Guess who's back
Guess who's back
Ta da da....

Alright folks, a period of writing depression is over now. I am back from my trip to USA. Back to work, and my brother's seemingly endless wedding preparation.
I missed you all. Let me know if you are still around.