Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Following some suggestion of getting the voice a bit louder, I called today the ministry of foreign affairs to complain about the “queue jumpers” and the problem of getting the stamps in one place and the certification in another. So I was put through with the vice counselor affairs manager.
In my conversation with him he mentioned two points:
1- That they are being strict about the معقبين or “queue jumpers”, and that there is police and criminal security أمن جنائي outside the ministry to suppress this phenomenon. I have to admit that this phenomenon is way less than before, but still exist.
2- As per the stamp thing, and this is something very strange, he said that the stamp money goes to the ministry of finance وزارة المالية. So the two processes are separate and will remain separate until judgment day.
So in summary, raising a voice will only guide us to the excuses available for our inconveniences. Meanwhile we can still dream of a better situation in our blogs.


At Wed Feb 28, 01:25:00 PM GMT+2, Blogger GraY FoX said...

such situation always make me quite speechless
because even when they are willing to listen, they do not listen to the voice of the common sense
that's probably a sign of moving forward :|

At Wed Feb 28, 02:34:00 PM GMT+2, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Bassam,
I follow your blog because I feel it is real and simple which make it attractive. Good luck with your paper work and may be the saying: faleg la t3aleg is true.
On your other blog I could'nt put the comment because I'm not a google memeber, I would leave the comment on this blog for the photos blog.

I like your photos, they are original and sensitive for the subject. I'm not a professional photographer but I like photography and I appreciate nice photos. Your subject is great but I wished it was a little deeper. I mean I wished you could capture the expression of the persons who are selling in these photos, like if you have higher resolution you could zoom to see the faces. I like to invite you to see Mr. Vit Hassan on flickr:
to see what I mean. I know Damascus very well, because I lived there and my wish list is to have photos for: inside the Justice, Kaser Aladel, for people and lawyers.
The tired sale merchant in Souq Al Nehas,
The shouting fellow in the Souq Al Hal,
Finally, Thank you for your work.


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